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10 Model kits you should have in your stash (new tool)

We all love plastic model kits, that’s what we are here for, nowadays we see more and more plastic kit’s being produced and everyone wants to show their kits, some of them have fallen through the cracks of the news and some of them were all modellers could talk about.

Last year was a great year for modelling, we saw a very big amount of kits being released and high-quality ones, in this article we will show you the new toolings what you should definitely have in your stash. 


1 – 1/35 Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.J Late Production/ Pz.Beob.Wg.IV Ausf.J

Ryefield model is still for some quite an unknown brand, however more and more they are growing in the market as a respected brand, with this tank kit they filled a gap for the late model with the side covers, now let’s be fair Tamiya already had the same model that you could adapt however this late production version gives us the options we didn’t have before and with much more detail.

rye field model panzer

rye field model panzer
rye field model panzer

Inside the box, you will find options to make 2 kits the J late production or the normal J production, additionally, you will find fully working tracks, a big quantity of photo-etched details and a Highly detailed gun structure.

Check it out here if you are thinking about buying it

2 – 1/48 Supermarine Spitfire FR Mk.XIV Airfix

Next up is the Spitfire Mk XIV, this is absolutely gorgeous, being a new tool from airfix it sure gives the quality guarantee, the moulding is very good with no flash visible,  very good panel engraving ensures a big amount of details and a very good reproduction of the real plane. Keep in mind this mould is a completely new one.

supermarine spitfire

Check it over here

3 – Avro Lancaster B.Mk.III “Dambusters” Wingnut Wingz

This was a head-turner at Telford! What an amazing Lancaster kit that the guys from WnW have released, ok, granted it’s still not for sale, the release date is somewhere in 2020, so keep your eyes open.

Just look at all these details

avro lancaster
avro lancaster

It will definitely be on my stash.

4- 1/48 Do 217N-1 ICM

We are used to great quality products by ICM and this DO 217 is not behind at all, it doesn’t have any special details or accessories like some companies but for that, they make up in details, fully detailed cockpit and engines make up for awesome possibilities with this kit.

do-217 icm

Just beware, it’s not for the casual modeller, ICM likes to make it hard.

do-217 icm

Check it out here if you are interested.

5-1/48 B-17G Early Production Hong Kong Models

For many years the only possible choice for a B-17 on a 1/48 was the old Monogram/Revell kit, not anymore, Hong Kong models released this new kit which is worth having because it’s beautiful to look at.

B-17 hong kong models

You can find it here if you are interested

6- 1/12 Honda Monkey 125 Tamiya

The emblematic Monkey! How not to love these charismatic bikes that started in the 60’s?
Tamiya made this kit with great details, the mechanical parts come in a silver sprue, you have springs, rubber tubing, rubber tyres and even a super cool rubber seat.

tamiya honda monkey 1/12
7- 1/48 P-38 Lightning Tamiya

This is a good one, Tamiya always goes to great lengths to give excellent detail and the P-38 is exactly that, excellent in detail, the extras include a nose weight to balance the model perfectly, detailed turbochargers, mirror stickers to recreate cockpit mirror and engine cowling interior surface sections, canopy masks and detailed cockpit.

tamiya p-38

You can check it out here.

tamiya p-38 cockpit closeup

8- Ki-51 Clear Prop! Models

Clear Prop! might not be very well known now, but we bet that in no time it ill be a reference name in the model kit industry, these guys specialize in not mainstream models and they reproduce them in beautiful detail. For example, this Ki-51, the previous model was owned by Hasegawa and it’s now 50 years old, making a fresh model with lot’s of detail, photoetched details and markings. Notice it says “advanced” in the box, don’t say we didn’t warn you. Hey, Clear Prop we are waiting for that Su-25!

ki-51 sonia clear prop models

Check them out in their website here

9-1/35 Jagdpanther G2 Rye Field Model

Yes, here we are again, and this is not for everyone, a Jagdpanther with full interiors, yes, you read correctly, Rye Field Models did quite a job on this tank, like we said, full interiors, detailed gun, workable tracks and crew. Just take a look at it.

1/35 Jagdpanther G2 Rye Field Model

Totally worth the price

1/35 Jagdpanther G2 Rye Field Model

You can check it out here.

10- 1/32 Henschel Hs 129 B-2/RⅢ Zoukei-Mura

Zoukei-Mura is a synonym of quality, this brand makes amazing models and this Hs 129 is up to the par, it’s a 428 parts kit in unusual yellow plastic sprues a beautiful manual and Cartograf decals. It’s an expensive unit, but with the right skills, it will be a gorgeous unit on your collection.

1/32 Henschel Hs 129 B-2/RⅢ  Zoukei-Mura manual
1/32 Henschel Hs 129 B-2/RⅢ  Zoukei-Mura

You can check it out here.


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