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Waiting for 2021 already

Oh yeah, we are 3 months into 2020 and it’s already time to get hyped for the next year, 2021 where are you?

Boxart SR-71 Blackbird TBD Revell

The SR-71 is one of my personal favourites, I was a little boy when somewhere in Italy on a vacation with my parents we were buying souvenirs and I found a little metal pencil sharpener in the shape of a very cool plane, at the time I already had some interest in model making through my grandfather, but I still didn’t know about the SR-71, the pencil sharpener is long gone somewhere between moves but the curiosity stayed for a few years until I finally found it in a collectable magazine about war planes.

Image result for sr-71 pencil sharpener
Oh pencil sharpener, where have you gone?

Knowing all the specs and records the plane held it just added to my little boy admiration and it was much later when I finally build my first SR-71 model, it was a Revell 1:72, they did a good job with that model, I did not, it was showing my lack of skill at the time and it still lies somewhere in a box as a memento of my evolution.

Now, Revell just woke up my little inner boy by announcing this SR-71 at 1:48 (hype!) and yes… I have to buy the pencil sharpener from eBay and start counting days for the 2021 release.

May 2021 come fast!

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