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Takom T-14 Armata Build Review

The kit comes in a beautiful white box, inside are 11 sprues and a 15-page manual, which is easy to follow.

The plastic is hard, and the sprue connecting points in some of the pieces can be difficult for beginners to nip off. But with some patience, you can get it done without a problem.

The instructions first tell you to assemble the suspension and road wheels, once again, be careful and try not to cut the wheels of the sprue tightly to the “rubber” part, it will damage the piece. It’s best to cut away from the piece and then sand the remaining extra plastic later.

T-14 side view

The second step is to build up the rear of the vehicle, which is pretty easy in my opinion.

T-14 rear view

After that, it’s better for you to get some coffee and patience because … it’s time to assemble the tracks … and oh boy … it’s a pain in the butt! Individual links! With each having 5 connecting points to the sprue … please have mercy on us Takom!

T-14 Right rear side panels

 After the fight with the sprues you can now glue the side skirts onto the tank, they just fit right in without any problem!

The next step is to add some surface detail, like the front lights, hatches, and the engine covers, which are represented with a very nice set of photo-etched grilles.

View of the photo-etched grilles

If you are following the instructions manual correctly, you will now have to build the bar armour, which is formed by 4 different pieces. In this step, you should be careful when cutting the supports of the bar armour from the sprue, they are very fragile and will break easily if not careful.


Now comes the final, and in my opinion, the worst part of the assembly, the turret. If not glued correctly, some pieces will make it difficult to join the upper and lower parts of the turret, lots of fiddly parts here, not to mention I shattered my antenna into 3 pieces   … the cannon barrel is made up from several parts and the main tube is made of two halves.


Overall, this is a nicely detailed kit, not counting with the lower part of the hull which has no detail whatsoever. Definitely not for beginners due to the small pieces and use of photo-etched parts. If you are interested in its design, then you should give it a shot! After all its a modern tank … and who doesn’t love something new once in a while?

Take a look at the final results

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