Being an admirer of Russian tech. , especially aeroplanes,  I might not be the less biased but you will be able to see with your eyes how this kit looks.

Being presented in the Summer of 2015 at the Moscow Victory Day parade the T-14 Armata is a 48 Tonne tank being manned by 3 crewmembers and with a 125mm Smoothbore canon. It can ride at 90km/h with a service range of 500km, quite impressive.

What is impressive is how fast Takom released this kit after it was presented in Moscow, being presented by Takom months after it was shown to the crowds.

On the first look the tank looks great, however, keep in mind, being from a modern age it’s not so full of details as the old ones, looking at pictures of the tank helps you understand that most of the tank is now angled to keep radar interaction to a minimum and clean panels which I assume comes from it’s “active protection system” that helps keep it safe from missiles and projectiles.

All of this presents a new challenge for the modeller, this tank will not come to life through scratches and accessories, but through good painting techniques that can present the true form of it. Radar absorbing paint will for sure be a challenge on a modern tank.

Looking at the sprues the kit looks fairly easy to assemble, all the few details that he has seem to be very well captured and detailed as you can see for yourself, my main problem with it is the tracks, personally, I look at the 7 (seven!) sprues of track links and I start to think of the repetitive task it is. Some of you like it, kind of a cathartic experience where you spend two days meditating on tracks, others see it as a waste of time on such unnoticeable detail ( half of the tracks are covered by side skirts).

The kit also includes a small sheet of Photo-etched detail set for the grilles and exhaust, felt a little thinner than usual but no big deal there. A sheet of Russian modern decals, the only one available actually, and two books of instructions which are extremely well detailed.

It’s a great kit, if you feel up to the challenge of making it come to life with a great paint job, go ahead and buy it. We will be making a build review in the upcoming weeks provided by our guest modeller codename Pilgrim!

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